Larissa Borcz

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consulting. being creative. application development. programming languages. scripting. training & supervision. software engineering. agile methodology. problem solving. communication skills. project management. process optimization. technical writing.

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Product Feedback

Sheri Gray

Nationwide Insurance.

Larissa worked with my Nationwide team to develop an application that enables our manual finish team to re-print Claims checks that have come back damaged from our pre-sort vendor. This application retrieves, sorts, and rebuilds the necessary mainframe files to regenerate the requested checks. The GUI that the manual finish team uses is very user-friendly; this team doesn’t have a lot of technical experience, so the application needs to run on its own without any technical issues. Larissa worked through several releases of the code, both prototyping and final versions, with the team to ensure that all error situations were identified and handled appropriately. It also has several layers of security built in due to the fact it is allowing the re-print of checks; no one has access to the actual files, nor can they save and possibly alter any of the check PDFs. It also keeps an easy to read record with basic information that allows them to see what checks they already have processed. Larissa did a fantastic job working with my Exstream development team and the manual finish team to gather the needed requirements, completed the actual development, and rolled it out into production.

co-worker review

Gary Hennis

Nationwide Insurance

Larissa tackled her assigned tasks with much energy. She implemented a large cost savings .NET solution to allow the manual processing area the ability to reprint damaged claims checks. While working on a large claims documents project, she worked with the project team and developed an application to fast track the testing effort of hundreds of form updates. She also developed, at our team’s request, a custom application for validating XML so that our team could more easily troubleshoot abends caused by data problems within our flows that are driven by xml data. She delivered timely documentation on these applications that were very thorough, organized, and easy to read.

manager review

Jon DeGenova

Micro Industries

Larissa has a wonderful attitude and is always willing to help with any task, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. It is obvious she strives for excellence in everything she does. I have seen many examples of Larissa’s talent and have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethic. Larissa has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and always follows up on open issues, ensuring that the job gets done. She has proven herself to be an adept communicator with strong leadership qualities. Organized and diligent, Larissa quickly learned technology systems and software that were unfamiliar to her when she first started.

ceo review

Michael Curran

Micro Industries

In addition to being an asset to our development efforts, Larissa was extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing tutorials for various departments, Larissa assumed a mentorship role in training both software and graphic design interns, and took the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions in our unit setup process, IT maintenance, and our search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy.