Larissa Borcz

Experience with
consulting. being creative. application development. programming languages. scripting. training & supervision. software engineering. agile methodology. problem solving. communication skills. project management. process optimization. technical writing.


Degrees, Certifications, and Affiliations?

Bachelor of Science: Electrical & Computer Engineering (Computer Engineering Specialization) – The Ohio State University (2012)
Minor: Business, Computer & Information Science – The Ohio State University (2012)
Affiliations: Toastmasters International (2012 - 2013), Project Management Institute (2015 - Present)


What are my skills?

(1) Programming, architecture, process optimization, scripting, website design
(2) Circuit design, power, motors, wiring, product acceptance testing
(3) Project management, training & supervision, Agile development, quality assurance
(4) Instructional guides, project breakdowns, custom graphics
(5) Video editing, graphic design, animations

(a) C#, ActionScript 3 (AS3), Batch, XML
(c) Java, Python, jQuery, PHP, SQL
(d) ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS
(e) .NET, Microsoft Office
(f) WPF, Win32, Bootstrap, Adobe Suite, Visual Studio
(g) Subversion, Redmine, VB, C/C++
(h) Jenkins

Programming Languages (ranked by decreasing order of experience): C#, ActionScript 3 (AS3), Batch, XML, HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (JS), Java, jQuery, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic (VB, VB Script), Python, C/C++

Frameworks/API/SDKs: .NET, WPF, Bootstrap, Win32, Mogreet, Twitch, Twitter

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat), Windows Server 2008/2016

Programs (ranked by decreasing order of experience): Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Subversion, Redmine, Microsoft Deployment Kit (MDT), Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Flash Builder, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder), HP Exstream, MySQL/phpMyAdmin, Jenkins, Open Office, Smartsheet

Professional Timeline

Where have I worked?

  • Jan 2006 - Present


    Columbus, Ohio

    Consultant, Contractor, Volunteer

    • Twitch: Design an interactive heart monitor and branded application using Arduino SDK and Processing, artwork displayed on live streams, and needed additional apps such as trackers using C# and .NET. Update interactive game for branding and subscriber interaction using GreenSock, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Admin team member for a community of over 500 subscribers, helping create business plans, and marketing strategies. Build custom branded and tracked websites using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and Google Analytics, and their accompanying CMS using C#, .NET, and WPF (2016 - Present).
    • Indie Games, Creative Train: Provided consultancy on coding architecture and game design (2014 - 2015).
    • Earthworks Builders: Created interactive games targeted towards education. Games included in a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Submission (2012), and International Conference on Physics Education in Prague (2013).

  • Mar 2017 - Oct 2017

    Columbus Instruments

    Columbus, Ohio

    Software Engineer

    • Researched, designed, and developed computer software systems using VB6, C#, and .NET in conjunction with hardware product instrumentation used for monitoring behavior and physiology in animals, as well as environmental research.
    • Performed requirements analysis, project management, and development roles for software application redesign using C#, .NET, WPF, Redmine, and Subversion. Learned custom designed hardware functionality and serial communication schemes. Created custom hardware testing interface using C# and .NET.
    • Consulted with sales and engineering staff to evaluate customer interface software, operational and performance requirements of overall system, maintenance, and customer required software features and certifications. Wrote technical documentation and hardware datasheets required for software development, and comment driven code documentation using Sandcastle. Authored custom project management game plan documentation covering system redesign options, migration, timeline, and cost savings analysis.
    • Assisted in company server hardware upgrade, migration, and setup. Configured SharePoint, Redmine, and Subversion servers/sites used for intranet communication, engineering documentation, and project management. Updated corporate parts and orders tracking database and report system using VB6 and SQL.

  • January 2016 - Feb 2017


    Grove City, Ohio

    Contract: Requirements Analyst; Software & Applications Developer

    • Completed a Continuous Improvement challenge by building a responsive WPF GUI, and custom installer, that interfaced with an IBM DB2 mainframe to streamline the reprint process of mangled claims checks. Prototyped GUI functionality using VBS, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, before creating a final interface in C# and .NET, that supported XML, Zip, Excel, Outlook, and encryption components, with audit record keeping. Created application user guides, and comment driven interactive code documentation using Sandcastle.
    • Authored documentation used for internal process and operations management, including defining mockups and data/document mapping, application user guides, and audit diagrams. Created new company applications as needed, and managed them from conception to close, including architecture, coding, and documentation. Designed Nationwide documents in HP Exstream.
    • Mentored developer intern regarding company software used, coding architecture, coding standards, and professional development.

  • May 2013 - November 2015

    Micro Industries

    Lewis Center, Ohio

    Software & Applications Developer

    • Wrote and maintained applications for legacy and proprietary systems, encompassing debugging and adding features to enhance system development to conform with business needs and customer requirements using C#, .NET, JavaScript, and ActionScript 3. Authored technical documentation and designs for developed software, systems, and scripts.
    • Communicated with software development and graphics design teams to create planning process and execute product life cycle. Mentored graphic design teams regarding illustration and graphic design creation.
    • Collaborated with Verizon to develop modem hardware management software using C# and .NET. Created an interactive, touch-driven game using Flash and ActionScript 3. Developed automated tests to exercise application UIs using C# and .NET. Troubleshot and managed remote systems.
    • Spearheaded reduction in total retail kiosk setup time by 600% through automation, including writing Python, VB, and Batch scripts for developer operations in relation to project content creation, log analysis, and maintenance.
    • Facilitated increase of company keyword search engine frequency by 31% through implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.
    • Designed Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit secure images using MDT for desktop and mobile systems.

  • December 2007 - April 2013

    The Ohio State University: Office of Information Technology - The Digital Union

    Columbus, Ohio

    Student Programmer, Multimedia & Technology Support

    • Developed and implemented solutions to encountered hardware and software issues, in addition to troubleshooting software and hardware products.
    • Collaborated with faculty, staff and students to identify and provide design solutions, and assisting with computer software, hardware, and multimedia production methods.
    • Supervised staff members on assigned projects and served as a primary contact for coordinating and resolving technical issues. Mentored student employees.
    • Published technology and blog articles to further understanding and development.
    * See Portfolio for more details.

  • Jul 2014 - Sep 2015

    ADB Airfield Solutions

    Gahanna, Ohio


    • Assembled and troubleshot various electronic assemblies and components.
    • Database organization; Transference of records and part descriptions from obsolete database to PDM Works; Simplified categorization, completion, and input of parts records.
    * See Portfolio for more details.

Professional Projects & Research

What else have I done?

  • January 2012 - April 2013


    Columbus, Ohio

    Augmented Reality in Education

    • Developed augmented reality road-map for educational use, leading the research effort, gathering of hardware, and software requirements specification, using C/C++, Java, Vuforia, Unity, and Blender.
    • Represented Digital Union at eTech Ohio National Conference and Innovate Ohio Annual Conference, receiving 100% satisfaction rating from standing-room only audience. Returned to present at eTech 2013, achieving a ranking of one of the top three most popular sessions. Designed convention packets, handouts, presentations, and displays.
    * See Portfolio for more details.

  • August 2011 - August 2012


    Columbus, Ohio

    "When Robots Rule: The Two Minute Airplane Factory" by Chris Burden

    • Served as group manager and adviser to fellow engineers during reconstruction and research of a complex mechanical sculpture designed to autonomously assemble and launch toy airplanes.
    • Developed knowledge in programming, FESTO/AEROTECH software and products, pneumatics, power, motor mechanics, electrical wiring, networking, and serial connections.
    * See Portfolio for more details.