Larissa Borcz

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consulting. being creative. application development. programming languages. scripting. training & supervision. software engineering. agile methodology. problem solving. communication skills. project management. process optimization. technical writing.


Hello, I'm Larissa Borcz. I am a creative and detail oriented engineer, with experience spanning across engineering, business, consulting, testing, teaching, and graphic design. I am able to establish clear and concise methods to utilize technology in order to help individuals connect, understand, and take action. I enjoy "wearing multiple hats" at a company, and I do not shy away from being challenged or working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort zone and knowledge set. Helping your company reach its goals is my priority.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of who I am and my skills, please feel free to visit my "Resume" page and "FAQ" page

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- Larissa Borcz

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